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Stefani LiDestri

Co-CEO, LiDestri Food and Drink

Stefani LiDestri

The journey since my first conversation with John Engels has been life-changing in the healthiest way I can imagine. At work, I have been able to create, introduce and begin to embed a value system, our company’s "I positions." Now, at LiDestri, we have a clear path to self, group and overall accountability.

On a more personal note, I have found the calm and clarity in my communication become contagious to many. What was initially my work has become the work of my Co-CEO and brother, our entire leadership team, and hundreds of our organizational teams. These individuals have shown an eagerness to learn more about themselves, allowed for vulnerability when creating connections, and have successfully implemented the LiDestri Values into their work and in turn our culture.

At the beginning of our journey our organization did not practice systems thinking and avoidance was the norm. Now, what used to be considered a difficult conversation for me is common chit chat and the truly difficult conversations are no longer avoided. I'm incredibly proud of how we have taken the education from Leadership Coaching Inc. and practiced a customized approach for our organization. This approach is reflected through each of us in our work and life.

Thank you. You have touched the lives of thousands of people through your work with us.

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