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Advanced Leadership Online Course


This in-depth, nine-month learning experience is designed for key leaders of firms, businesses, institutions and not-for-profit organizations. The course meets online one full day per month to help leaders build cultures of maturity and responsibility in their organizations and in their families.


Participants gain new thinking, innovative strategies and practical skills in self-awareness, clarity, calmness, courage, and connection.


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Emerging Leaders Course


For aspiring, high-potential leaders, or leaders new to their position, we offer this seven-month introductory leadership development course.


The Emerging Leaders Course was tested for several years as part of the formal curriculum for new accounting firm partners throughout the United States, sponsored by the American Institute of CPAs.


The strategies and skills acquired in this course have been praised by next-generation leaders of family businesses, and by physicians, engineers and attorneys who have assumed new leadership roles in their practices.


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Annual Leaders Retreat


Each year in early January, we convene in the Rochester, NY area for 200 leaders who seek a deeper dive into important, rarely-explored dimensions of leadership.

Our next retreat will take place on the January 5, 2021. Click below for event details:  


2021 Annual Leaders Retreat

"Owning Your Work/Family Leadership:

Self-Responsibility in Relationships"



Past retreats have included these themes:

  • "Managing the Anxiety of Change"

  • “Power, Morality and Discernment: Promoting 'Good' Behavior in Leadership”

  • "How Your Family Helps Your Leadership"

  • “Mentoring Magic: Coaching the Next Generation of Leaders”

  • “Constructing an Emotionally-Healthy Self”

  • “Over-Functioning and Learned Helplessness”

  • “The Four Crippling Comforts of Leadership”

  • “Anxious Parents and Stressed-Out Kids: Re-Inventing Leadership in an Age of Entitlement”

  • “Gumption! Leading With Clarity and Courage”

  • “Arrogance and Humility in Leadership”

  • “Stress, Family and Work”

  • “Self-Responsibility and Group Cooperation”