Custom Consulting


Individual Leadership Coaching


We meet one-on-one with leaders who seek:


  • A greater understanding of how the best leaders function

  • Clarity about how to handle a particular interaction, relationship or challenge

  • Courage to take a difficult step or initiate an uncomfortable interaction

  • Calmness, and a desire to regulate anxiety, worry and avoidance

  • Deeper connections at home or at work

  • More reliable strategies for managing relationships

Family Businesses


Strong emotional ties heighten the importance of level-headed leadership and skillful relationship management in family businesses. Based on decades of experience, we:


  • Prepare high potential leaders for increasing levels of responsibility

  • Help long-time leaders discern when to hold on and when to let go

  • Work with current leaders to plan for succession

  • Address uncomfortable but important issues

  • Face and work through relationship impasses

  • Facilitate leadership development sessions for the entire team


Professional Firms


Our consultants possess wide, deep experience working with professional firm partners and emerging leaders.  We specialize in helping motivated leaders:


  • Learn how to coach and develop future leaders

  • Manage change, and resistance to change

  • Develop deeper and more reliable people management skills and strategies

  • Face and manage partner conflicts to minimize culture disruption

  • Address difficult issues and conversations instead of avoiding

Leadership Teams


In a fully customized fashion, we help leadership teams build stronger relationships within the team, and lead their direct reports with greater competence and confidence. Our approaches include:


  • Self-awareness of the leader

  • Self-management in leadership

  • Managing change

  • Communicating openly and candidly

  • Connecting at a deeper level at home and at work

  • Coaching others to grow their maturity and responsibility

  • Developing both toughness and compassion

  • Holding self and others accountable

Large Group Presentations


John Engels, our company’s founder and CEO, has presented at hundreds of industry conferences, institutions, universities and retreats around the globe. His presentations include powerful personal stories, cutting edge science, and John’s trademark extemporaneous coaching demonstrations in response to the real-life leadership and relationship challenges of attendees. Recent topics have included:


  • “Accelerating a Leadership Mindset in the Next Generation”

  • “The Purposes of Leadership”

  • “Relationship Realities and Emotional Maturity in the Family Business”

  • “Self-Responsibility and Group Cooperation”

  • “Managing the Relationship Challenges of Leadership”

  • “Connecting: a Deeper Dive into What Makes Relationships Work”

  • “Family and Work: Mastering the Emotional Two-Step”

  • “Over-Functioning in Leadership: Taming the Messiah Complex”