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Mike Colyer

CEO, Foundry, A Digital Currency Group Company

Mike Colyer

A good friend recommended that I call John. I really questioned why I would need a coach/consultant. I finally arranged a time to meet with John. Afterwards, I found myself thinking about our first discussion for many weeks. I had never had anyone make me think so hard about ‘me’.

It didn’t take long before I wanted more of the challenging discussions! The thought processes John teaches apply in both the work and the home setting. I now have deeper connections with my work team and my family and have a better understanding of how I function in those relationships.

I have engaged John and his team in training the rest of my leadership team over the past two years. It has been a fantastic investment! I consider John a good friend and someone that I turn to often to get a different perspective on my challenges. I have recommended John to my closest friends and family.

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