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Tong Zhang, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Oregon MESA, Portland, Oregon

Tong Zhang, Ph.D.

The Advanced Leadership Course challenged me in a way that I had never previously experienced. As a scientist I was always taught to think critically and push others to do so. As a non-profit leader my goal is to retain a staff of young, bright, and passionate individuals by creating an environment that fosters strong and deep relationships between people. How can I marry these seemingly opposing goals? 


Through John’s course, I discovered a way: focus on my own emotional maturity: clear thinking, courage to tolerate discomfort, connecting in a way that leaves others free and responsible. By doing this, I’ve already seen a positive difference in the way that my staff relates to me and each other. I am so grateful to John and Stan and I hope to continue applying my learning from the course for years to come.

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