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Barry C. Melancon, CPA

President and CEO, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, New York, N.Y.

Barry C. Melancon, CPA

John Engels and his Leadership Coaching colleagues challenge me and our entire senior leadership team with practical, tough and deep learning opportunities. The process is more thorough than typical leadership training. The frankness, the different perspective, and the hands-on approach forces each of us to function in our uncomfortable zone. The result is more directness, higher accountability and noticeable improvement. Personally, the one-on-one coaching affords me the time to explore issues and opportunities to grow, outside my rapidly moving responsibilities. The sessions are hard, direct and even stressful. In the end, however, I feel equipped to be a better leader and feel a sense of accomplishment in an area I have rarely measured myself on.


The other difference in this process is the effective leveraging of all of our senior team members to develop those that report to us. This approach builds a constant layering of development that strengthens the organization and ultimately our individual leaders, regardless of where they ultimately go in their careers.

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