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Andrea Schara

Family Systems Leadership Coach and Neurofeedback Trainer, Washington, DC

Andrea Schara

There are very few people, much less organizations, which encourage the highest strivings of individuals. Leadership Coaching, Inc., with John Engels at the helm, steers people in this direction. I have watched John over the past 15 years enable many motivated people to overcome stumbling blocks. John uses his own experiences and the ideas in Bowen theory to be connected to people in a profound and authentic way.

If you are in touch with John, you will be pushed to function at a higher level. He does not take “no” for an answer, he just figures out how to connect with your highest values. If people are momentarily deeply buried in defensiveness, it is not a problem for John. He usually sees human nature for what it is. John has surrounded himself with other coaches whose lives also give testimony to the importance of gaining emotional maturity. Each person seems to have a very unique skill set but all share the deepest values of respect and compassion for others.

The clients involved with Leadership Coaching seem to grow up fast. They are willing to rock the boat of defensiveness and find interpersonal challenges fun. They willingly share ideas and energy.

The success of Leadership Coaching, Inc. is evidence that people respond to challenges and are grateful for being pushed to grow. John never asks more of others than he asks of himself. That is the basic secret to the success of his clients and his business.

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