“A willingness to see ourselves in perspective, and to view our problems as relatively routine, provides the emotional space to think more broadly and deeply.”

— John Engels

“An elephant matriarch does not rule by force or fear. In a time of crisis, every member follows her lead. Her authority is complete because she has gained the respect and trust of her family.”

Joyce Poole, Ph.D. Kenyan Elephant Researcher

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September 2014: Speed Traps


“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.”

Mark Twain

Last year, a nationally-known business leader suggested I write a comic book on leadership.  “Leaders don’t want to take the time to read a complicated book,” he said.  “Provocative, short and simple – something they can read in dribs and drabs – that would be great.”

When a leader’s attention span is short, does it reflect a fear of wasting time?  Is it an indicator of garden-variety ADD?   Or are more and more leaders simply anti-intellectual?