“A willingness to see ourselves in perspective, and to view our problems as relatively routine, provides the emotional space to think more broadly and deeply.”

— John Engels

“An elephant matriarch does not rule by force or fear. In a time of crisis, every member follows her lead. Her authority is complete because she has gained the respect and trust of her family.”

Joyce Poole, Ph.D. Kenyan Elephant Researcher

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February 2016: Twelve Markers of High-Functioning Leadership

FEBRUARY 1, 2016

A company president asked, “What are some of the leadership goals you try to promote?”

I sent him the following list, and offer it to a wider audience of leaders for consideration:

  1. Agnostic curiosity

Asking a question with the attitude of wanting to discover something new:

“I’m more interested in exploring than in leading you to my solution.”

  1. Humble swagger

Confidence tempered by the sober recognition of dumb luck in one’s success:

“Yes, I’ve worked hard, and acknowledge my talent.  At the same time, I can see that ‘privilege’ and ‘breaks’ gave me great advantages.”