“A willingness to see ourselves in perspective, and to view our problems as relatively routine, provides the emotional space to think more broadly and deeply.”

— John Engels

“An elephant matriarch does not rule by force or fear. In a time of crisis, every member follows her lead. Her authority is complete because she has gained the respect and trust of her family.”

Joyce Poole, Ph.D. Kenyan Elephant Researcher

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August 2014: Capacity to Choose vs. Need to Avoid

AUGUST 1, 2014

When I get home from work and decide to have a drink, I am not demonstrating alcoholism.  When my long-time friend, Alan, was in active addiction, he came home from work, had to pour himself a succession of drinks and couldn’t stop.  For him, as an alcoholic, there was no decision, only compulsion.

This simple example highlights the difference between capacity to choose (“I can”) and need to avoid (“I have no choice”).  Lest you think alcoholics are unique in being compulsive, let me assure you, dear reader, that all leaders have compulsions.  Some know it and some don’t.