“A willingness to see ourselves in perspective, and to view our problems as relatively routine, provides the emotional space to think more broadly and deeply.”

— John Engels

“An elephant matriarch does not rule by force or fear. In a time of crisis, every member follows her lead. Her authority is complete because she has gained the respect and trust of her family.”

Joyce Poole, Ph.D. Kenyan Elephant Researcher

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December 2015: Managing Self in a Tense Relationship

NOVEMBER 25, 2015

If a hermit can’t avoid relationship tensions, can you?

Noah Rondeau’s strategy for dodging people conflicts was to avoid relationships altogether.

The famous Adirondack Mountain hermit wrote that he was “not well satisfied with the world and its trends,” and moved to a remote area of the Cold River Wilderness at age 46, calling himself “The Mayor of Cold River City (Population 1).”

Even in the wilderness, Rondeau couldn’t escape relationship challenges.  He developed an enduring animosity towards members of the State Conservation Department, who badgered him for killing wild animals out of season.